Exhibition at Intercon Phnom Penh: Drawing the Golden Thread

Dina Chhan Frederikke Tu Exhibition at Intercon Hotel Phnom Penh Cambodia
Flight to nature: Drawing the Golden Thread

Cranes are bathed in sunset, insects transform from a crawl to a flutter, water buffalo are lowing, a thousand eyes and beaks and antennae and buds merge in and out of the bristling foliage.

Dina Chhan and Frederikke Tu, artists from vastly different backgrounds, share the inspiration of the natural world, drawing forth distinctive and contrasting visions of the jungles, rivers and skies of Cambodia – separate from, under threat from, and ignorant of the relentless drive of a contemporary urbanising nation.

The golden thread that binds us – animal, vegetable and mineral – is our source of nourishment in both body and soul. To line pockets and fill bellies; to preserve and protect; to calm and heal.